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Monday, July 11, 2011

I LOVE Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a fabulous store that offers everything from clothes to beauty products to house & home goods. It has a unique style that captivates the eye. I've never met a single person who dislikes this store. The closest store to where I live is a hour and a half away so I look at the website... a lot. Here's a few many of the items I fell in LOVE with today - happy shopping!

Beekeeper Blouse
Beekeeper Blouse    I would wear this cute tank with skinny jeans and nude flats or white shorts and brown gladiator sandals.


Hyacinth Afternoon Shift

Hyacinth Afternoon Shift    The soft colors on this dress create a feminine style that you can make all your own. Wear it with nude pumps and purple chandelier earrings or you could go bold and wear purple or blue pumps with a floral accent in your hair.

Nepal Jacket
Nepal Jacket    This jacket can be worn with most anything. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts - you wear it and this jacket will complete it. It will also look great on all body types so you can't go wrong!

AG Stevie Ankle
AG Stevie Ankle   Colored denim is a great way to mix up your style choices without changing your style completely. Seriously, who doesn't LOVE to wear denim? Kick up your style by adding different colors and you will surely be complemented! I LOVE the kelly green color but these also come in red, bone, and plum.

Liquid Copper Slingbacks
Liquid Copper Slingbacks    If I wore heels this high I would totally rock these. Beautiful.

Doily Flounce Flats
Doily Flounce Flats    Flats are more my style and if I had these they would be worn until there were holes in the soles. Adorable.

Sequoia Stone Earrings
Sequoia Stone Earrings    Pink and grey is one of my favorite color combinations so naturally I fell in LOVE with these earrings. Although, you really should check out all of the jewelry & accessories because every piece is amazing.

Add-Plenty-Of-Flowers Measuring Cups
Add-Plenty-of-Flowers Measuring Cups    What woman would not LOVE to have these measuring cups in her kitchen. These are the description of elegance.

Trousseau Apron
Trousseau Apron    I wouldn't want to get anything on this cute apron!

Live Love Pillow
Live Love Pillow    I had to put this pillow on the blog - had to!

Tender Falls Shower Curtain
Tender Falls Shower Curtain    This Shower Curtain will look great in any bathroom and can work with many different colors!

Pinwale Alphabet
Pinwale Alphabet    I love initials especially when they are made out of these letters. So fun!

Okay, so clearly I LOVE Anthropologie. Do you? This list could continue but I'll stop and let you check it out on your own. I know you won't be disappointed.
LOVE, sje

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  1. love the measuring cups and the shower curtain. The green jeans are just a dream. Maybe I should try that body pump class. I am still planning on emailing you that dress.


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