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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I LOVE Body Pump

Okay, Okay...I may not LOVE body pump while I'm doing it but I do LOVE how it makes my body feel after. Body pump is one of the many classes you can take at Gold's Gym.

Here's how Gold's describes this class:
This is the revolutionary new weight training workout in a group fitness setting using barbells with adjustable weights, set to motivating music. High repetition boots your endurance and speeds up metabolism for rapid fat burning. Simply put the fastest way in the universe to get into shape. All fitness levels.

Basically, you have a barbell with your desired weight and you do lots of reps for each muscle group (quads, hamstrings, back, biceps and triceps). At the end of the class you do abs and stretches. I like to take the express class because it is only 45 minutes instead of a hour. I'm definitely not one of those people whose 2nd home is the gym.

Last night was my first body pump experience. Yesterday was one of those days where I had to force myself to go to the gym. I told myself I would go and run for 30 minutes and then call it a day but a good friend of mine, Liz, had just finished a class and was about to do body pump too. Two classes, back-to-back, man, I felt lazy. She talked me into trying it and I fell in LOVE with it. It made me remember my college volleyball days when weightlifting was a daily activity. Needless to say, weightlifting barely makes it into my gym routine these days. I like to run for 30 minutes then do a few of the machines. The only time I am in the free weights room is when I am looking for my husband. If I feel some extra adrenaline pumping I may consider doing push-ups. That being said, this class is perfect for me. The focus of the class is strength training with little weight and lots of reps to tone your muscles. Even though my muscles were shaking at the end of the class, it wasn't too hard!

I highly recommend checking out this class at the gym. If you don't go to Gold's, I'm sure your gym has something similiar.

What have you fallen in LOVE with today?
LOVE, sje

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