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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I LOVE Emily Griffin

Deborah Feingold
Emily Griffin is the author of the best selling books:
She graduated from Wake Forest University and University of Virginia School of Law. She moved to Manhattan to begin her law career and in the meantime she wrote her first book, Something Borrowed.  After the success of her first book, Emily Griffin decided to never practice law again and become a full time writer. I fell in LOVE with each of her books - I've read the first one twice. The first three have many of the same characters so you are able to follow their lives as they progress. The last two have different characters, although, the new characters tie into the old ones so they aren't forgotten. Click on the links above to read what each book is about. I hope she writes many more books!

Something Borrowed DVD
Something Borrowed has been made into a movie that was released this past May. Since I read the book twice, I was very eager to see the movie and how closely it followed the storyline of the book. I have to admit that I was very disappointed. They left out a character and twisted around many of the conversations. I kept thinking, "Why mess with a good thing?", although, if I had not read the book I would probably have LOVED the movie. It is no doubt and chick-flick and I LOVE chick-flicks. Her next book, Something Blue, is currently in the works to become a movie. Hopefully, this one will be more true to the book.

Do any of you share my LOVE for Emily Griffin and her books?
LOVE, sje

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  1. I love her too!! I actually read them a little backwards and started with Something Blue (I didn't realize there was a Something Borrowed at the time.) I fell in LOVE with her. So I then watched Something Borrowed when it became a movie (which I thought was fabulous) and then read the book after the movie. You are right, it was quite different! Miss you g2little! :)


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