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Friday, August 19, 2011

I LOVE the Friday Five

WHOO HOO! It's Friday.

Here are your Friday Five:

1. Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise. I am lucky enough to live where most people vacation. Even though I have only lived here 2 1/2 years I consider myself a local. Charleston has so many great things to offer locals and tourists. Michael and I don't often do the "touristy" things but when we do I really enjoy it. I LOVE hearing the history of Charleston and I LOVE taking in the natural beauty the city holds. Last night we took the Carolina Belle for a Blues & BBQ cruise around the Charleston harbor. We enjoyed a bluegrass band while feasting on Home Team BBQ - fun & delicious! The next time you come to Charleston you must take a harbor tour - click here for more information.

2. Denim Shirts. If I were able to tell the 20 year old me that I will LOVE denim shirts when I am 26...I would laugh in my own face. I LOVE denim - pants, skirts, shorts, and jackets.  You really can't go wrong with denim. You can wear it casual or dressy. To be honest, I am somewhat surprised that I LOVE denim shirts. I fell in LOVE with it when I saw Emily Maynard wear it when she was on The Bachelor. She rocked it and now I am seeing denim shirts everywhere.

Below isn't the exact shirt but very similar (and a lot cheaper).
Life in Progress Denim Button Up

3. Chalkboard Paint. I am seeing this everywhere. One of my good friends has a chalkboard painted wall and it was so much fun to write on it and draw pictures. Here are some of my favorite ways to use chalkboard paint:
Chalkboard paint

chalkboard paint

Is there anything chalkboard paint isn't good for?!?!

Lunchbox Makeover

4. Bowties for dogs. Tucker needs one of these and his birthday is coming up...hummm.
Tangerine Honeycomb Dog Bow Tie Collar
I found this one on etsy.

5. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Vanilla Verbena Lotion. My sister-in-law gave me this lotion and I fell in LOVE with it. It smells so good and my skin feels great after I put it on. I recommend it to anyone who loves the smell of vanilla!
Stress Relief - Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works

What have you fallen in LOVE with today? Have a great weekend friends!
LOVE, sje
Stress Relief - Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works

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  1. We are sitting in Starbucks right now and I just saw "oh my gosh" (yes, out loud and to myself) when I saw the great uses for Chalkboard PAINT! I've never thought about using it in a small space, but that is definitely what I want to do with my jars and cans. Such a great idea. Thanks girl. P.S. So glad you like the lotion ;) LOVE YOU


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