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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I LOVE Mopeds

I wasn't aware of my LOVE for mopeds until Michael brought home our first one 2 years ago. Look at this beauty from March 2009:

We LOVED taking "Bumblebee" to Dunkin Doughnuts for our morning coffee, on grocery store runs, and to the beach on the weekends. It saved a lot of money on gas and we were able to park with the Harley's close to the beach (shown above). One terrible night... Bumblebee was stolen. We filed a police report and was able to get it back, although, it was in pretty rough shape. We were able to make it work and we continued to enjoy this toy. Bumbleebee went on many different adventures... just ask our friends and family! July 2010, Bumblebee died for good and we had to give it up.

No need to worry...

Last night, Michael came home with this beauty:

Last night we took our new moped on a spin to the beach and we were able to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the marsh. I LOVE where I live. Now, all we have to buy are helmets and a bike lock. We also need to come up with a name. Suggestions are appreciated. Hopefully, this one doesn't leave our possession. I'm sure our new moped will help us create many long-lasting memories.

If you are thinking about buying a moped to scoot around town on...do it. You will LOVE it!
LOVE, sje

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