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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I LOVE Morning Workouts

Let's not get today's title confused with me being a morning person. I am far from a morning person. I wake up 45 minutes before I need to so I can sit on the couch, read my devotion, watch the Today Show, eat my breakfast and slowly wake up. Very little conversation goes on during those 45 minutes. Although, I have started forcing my body to get out of bed waking up a hour earlier than I used to so that I can go to the gym and workout in the morning rather than after work. It hasn't been too hard and I actually enjoy it!

I wake up at 6am, take my puppy out, then head to the gym. I get to the gym around 6:15am, turn on my Casting Crowns pandora station, and sweat it out. I am able to use this time to praise the Lord through song (of course, singing in my head and not out loud) while working on my health so I can live the life He wants me to live. I am home by 7am then shower and -guess what- I still have 30 minutes to read my devotion, watch the Today Show and eat my breakfast. I am much more energized and I've had a productive start to my day. I am not as tired throughout the day and I have the entire evening to do...whatever!

Even though it is hard to get out of bed at 6am - I LOVE my morning workouts. Plus, Dr. Oz says the morning is the best time of day to exercise so it has to be true - right?! ha...

What have you fallen in LOVE with today?
LOVE, sje

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  1. Love it! Also love this Dr. OZ timetable. You go girl for working it at 6:15!!!


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