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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I LOVE relating to a quote

I'm sure you all know those quotes that you read and immediately relate too. You read it and think "that's so me" or "I've been there" and it stirs up some kind of emotion. The quotes can make you laugh, cry, or want to scream. I LOVE reading these quotes.

Below are a few that I have recently related too (in no particular order):
 been there     LOVE


Are you thankful?     to my bee eff eff @Erica Flora

      LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Now who do I pick to do it!?

LOVE this    sad but true.

House Rules!     amen.

story of my life     the little things

Be a woman of God     .

So true.      True.

Keep it cool.     Ice Cream = Happiness.

:))     class #inspiration #quotes

What are some quotes that you LOVE?
LOVE, sje

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