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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I LOVE New Year's Eve

I LOVE New Year's Eve - the movie. Yes, I LOVE the sparkle and excitment that comes with New Year's Eve but in this case I am referring to the movie. Britney and I went to see New Year's Eve Saturday afternoon. We both expected it to be a lot like the movie Valentine's Day (made by the same creators) which we thought was good but not great. We were wrong. New Year's Eve was so much better! The movie is filled with multiple A-List celebrities and it has different story lines that will draw in a variety of viewers. You will laugh and you may even cry. You will definitely leave the theater with that "feel good" feeling that, I think, all movies should give you. This movie is definitely worth seeing!

What movie have you fallen in LOVE with lately?
LOVE, sje

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