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Monday, January 30, 2012

I LOVE award show fashion

Last night was the Screen Actors Guild awards and the reason I watch most award shows is to see the gorgeous (sometimes not so gorgeous) fashion. Sadly, I wasn't very impressed with the gowns. Usually, there are a few gowns that I immediately think, "Wow, that is beautiful" but not this time. There were a few that I knew I liked but was anticipating something better. Anyway, here is my favorite look of the night:

Michelle Williams in Valentino - peoplestylewatch.com

I LOVE the lace sleeves and the tied waist. I LOVE the asymmetrical hem. Red is a stunning color on her and I think she wore this gown with pure elegance.

I usually leave the guys out because they can mix up the color/style of their tux but, in my opinion, a tux is a tux. Although, when John Krasinski showed up I actually noticed and really LOVED his tux. If you can't tell by the picture his tux is midnight blue, not black. Not to mention, his wife Emily Blunt looked beautiful in my second favorite gown. Here is my pick for best looking couple:

Did you watch the SAG awards? Which gown did you LOVE the most?
LOVE, sje

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