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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I LOVE Treasure Cay, Bahamas

So, here's how our trip began...

Michael and I arrived at the Orlando airport at 10:30am and had plenty of time before our flight took off at 12:30pm. We are excited and ready to go when we learned that the plane was late and arrived at the airport at 12:30pm. After the passengers unloaded, the plane was refueled and it was finally our time to board - at 1:15pm. Luckily, we had a long layover in Nassau so we didn't get too worried. We landed in Nassau at 2:30pm only to learn that we had to sit on the plane for 30 minutes waiting for a terminal to open. At this point, the flight attendants are telling us that there are too many planes in the air so we had to wait until other planes were allowed to take off before we could unload. At 3:00pm, the plane pulled into an open parking lot and we unloaded there and had to walk to the other side of the airport to reach our connecting flight. As we are walking towards customs I overhear a few airport employees talking about how "air traffic control is on strike"...wonderful. We get through customs and are now running to our connecting flight. 3:45pm - whew! We made it. We meet the rest of the family and board a small plane. We sit there in anticipation of reaching our destination before we learn that "there are too many planes in the air and we have to wait to take off" - suuure. So, we wait...and wait...and wait...for 2 hours. Finally, at 6:00pm we are able to take off -and the flight attendants finally tell us the truth about the strike- everyone claps and we are ready to go. Oh, but wait...Treasure Cay airport doesn't have lights so we can't fly in after dark... are you kidding me? We fly into Marsh Harbour which is about 45 minutes away and load into a taxi. Our taxi driver was 83 years old -I'm serious- and would slow down, almost to a complete stop, every time a car would pass us going the opposite direction. He would also slow down when cars behind us sped up to pass. It was an experience to say the least. We made it to Treasure Cay airport where our scheduled taxi driver met us. Thank goodness he was younger. We drove for another 10 minutes and finally arrived at our house. We made it. Thank you Jesus for getting us there safe.
                      At least we got a great story out of it all, right?!?!

Treasure Cay (pronounced "key"), Bahamas is extremely beautiful. The aqua water that rolled onto the white sand was breathtaking. The Eller crew spent each day lounging and relaxing. We all let loose and enjoyed lots of laughs and created unforgettable memories.

Here is a brief look at our vacation (the pictures don't do it justice):

Our view of the beach from our house.
 Our view from the front of the house.
Our ocean front house.
 Beautiful beach.
 A rainbow after a few minutes of rain.
 Michael and me.
 You could see your feet in the crystal clear water.
 Michael snorkeling.
 Family on pizza night.
Family after a wonderful dinner at The Spinnaker.
 Family on New Years Eve.
"The Cottages" where we stayed the morning before we left.
 Abaco Islands.
Michael and me.
 Daniel and Ashley.
 Josh, Melissa, Jaxon and Graham.
Joedy and Peggy.

*more pictures can be viewed on my facebook page*

I LOVE Treasure Cay, Bahamas. Our flight home was easy and uneventful - thankfully! If you are looking for a place to go on your vacation and want to go somewhere beautiful and relaxing - Treasure Cay, Bahamas is the place to go.

What vacation destination have you fallen in LOVE with?
LOVE, sje

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