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Friday, March 16, 2012

I LOVE the Friday Five

First, I saw this quote on pinterest and it describes my blog perfectly so I had to share:
Let's all try to "promote what we LOVE."

With that being said, I LOVE that it is finally Friday. I have been itching for the weekend because the weather here has been beautiful and all I want to do is lay out! Although, since I am a grown up and have a Monday-Friday full time job, laying out all day during the week is not possible.

Happy Friday, friends!

1. I LOVE vitamin D. Okay - truth - I LOVE sunshine. Like I just mentioned, being in the sun (especially by the pool/beach) is one of my favorite things to do. 80 degree weather is the perfect beach weather and I have felt some jealousy towards the people who have been able to enjoy it. Remember where I work? I am grateful that I can sit outside by the water during my lunch break to enjoy some vitamin D.

2. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. Really, I just enjoy a reason to do something different. I will make sure I am wearing green while enjoying the festivities of the day with great friends. Beach day, maybe? I sure hope so! Have a fun and safe holiday!

3. I LOVE eyebrows. Lately, I have been noticing people's eyebrows more than usual (as well as my own). Thicker eyebrows have become a trend so maybe that's why...I'm not quite sure. Anyway, eyebrows frame your face and can enhance your beauty or they can be the focal point of your face. Don't let them be the focal point of your face. Too thick or too thin eyebrows don't do anything for your face. Lauren Conrad posted an article on her website a while back to teach us how to create the perfect brows. I highly encourage you to read it here. She definitely knows her stuff...


4. I LOVE Carrie Underwood. She is so talented and extremely beautiful. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and hasn't taken her rise to fame for granted. Her voice is showstopping and she kills it in her new single, "Good Girl".

5. I LOVE not getting sand on the bottom of my drink at the beach. Sometimes pinterest shows me some genius products that I wish I would have thought of. This is one of them. I need want these for this summer!

Pinned Image

Is is obvious I am ready for the summer & beach days? Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!

LOVE, sje

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