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Friday, March 30, 2012

I LOVE the Friday Five

Happy Friday, friends! This is going to be a crazy and busy weekend in Charleston because of the annual Cooper River Bridge Run. Good luck to everyone who is running!

For today's Friday Five, I am going to jump on the "what's in your purse" bandwagon. Technically, this is not a Friday Five since there are many more than 5 items in my purse. It's actually a Friday Seventeen. Sure, I'm just like you in thinking, "who cares?" but for some reason I still find myself looking at each thing. Who knows, maybe "what's in my purse" will reveal something to you that you didn't know about me.

Starting from the top:

1. Black gloves. Please tell me why I am still carrying around black winter gloves? I don't think I'll need them considering the weather has been in the 80's this week! Those must come out of my purse, asap.

2. Wallet. I absolutely love my pink, quilted wallet with the cute bow on the front. There's not much in that wallet but at least it is cute!

3. Seacost notes. The two pieces of paper on the right are note sheets from church. Each week, you are given a piece of paper with scripture from the message and blanks to fill in notes. They are nice to have when I want to look back over them later in the week.

4. Easter is on a Sunday this year cards. Those are cards that I am going to pass out to invite people to come to church on Easter Sunday. Yes, we know Easter is always on a Sunday - it caught your eye though, didn't it! Check out the website here.

5. Gold earrings. I let a friend borrow those earrings and when she gave them back I put them in my purse and never put them back in my closet. I've been carrying those around for a couple weeks now, ha!

6. Gum. You are probably thinking, "who needs 2 packs of gum in their purse?" but notice the difference; I'll chew the Trident White when I need to freshen my breath and I'll chew the Extra Dessert Delights when I need a sweet treat without eating a sweet. The Orange Creme Pop flavor is good but the Mint Chocolate Chip is the best.

7. Business Card. That is my dentist's business card. I have an appointment next Monday so that is there to remind me.

8. Clear nail polish. I LOVE polished nails even if they are polished with a clear coat. This is another product I have carried around since the winter. I LOVE to wear tights in the winter and they occasionally get a run by my toenails so I stop that run quickly with this clear nail polish.

9. Band aids. I carry these around for a possible cut when my shoes start to hurt my feet or give me blisters. I guess they will also be nice to have if I cut myself!

10. Keys. Those are my work keys. I have locked myself out of my own work desk many times so I learned to never take those keys out of my purse.

11. Umbrella. If you live in Charleston you know that a rain shower can pop up at any time (even when the weatherman isn't calling for rain). I always have an umbrella because I do not want to get caught in the rain without one.

12. Lip products. 2 types of chap stick (I guess I choose a flavor depending on my mood? who knows.), Blistex (for when I don't want to put on the chap stick), Lip Balm (lime flavored and shimmery - for when I am feeling sassy), & my Covergirl All Day Lip Color (for when I am feeling fancy). I think I just realized that I might have a "lip product problem" or maybe I just fall in LOVE with lip products daily. We'll stick with the latter.

13. Sea Island Cotton hand sanitizer and lotion. 'Cause I've got to sanitize and moisturize during the day.

14. Pen. I've started keeping a pen in my purse because the times when I need a pen the most, I never seem to have one. Now...I am prepared.

15. Kindle. Remember I told you I was reading the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It's such a good book I read it every free chance I get.

16. Mirror. Pure necessity. I never think I need it but when I do, I am so glad that I have it. I should have taken the mirror out of the bag to show you how pretty it is. It has red jewels all over the edges and back.

17. Camera case. That beautiful little bag was given to me by my mom and is from Ukraine. It is the perfect size bag to hold my camera (which I take everywhere). Even though the zipper is broken I'll never throw away that bag. I LOVE it.

I hope I didn't bore you to much today. At least I gave you some reading material to pass the time, right? What's in your purse??

Have a wonderful, safe, fun weekend friends!
LOVE, sje

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  1. I'll fix that zipper for you! Glad you love the bag. Did I get it in Istanbul?


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