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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I LOVE Anniversary Tips

Thank you to everyone who wished Michael and I a "happy anniversary" yesterday - we had a blast! When preparing for our anniversary I searched many different websites and blogs for advice and tips on how to make sure everything about the day was perfect. I learned a lot and I thought I would share some of my tips with you and maybe, just maybe, someone out there may benefit from this post.

Now...I know the key to the perfect anniversary is held by the two people celebrating so my "perfect" day may be far from your "perfect" day, yet, they are both perfect. Also, I am not claiming to be the "know-it-all" of anniversaries, I've only had 2 of them. Below are some tips I used to create our perfect anniversary:

1. Make breakfast. Get up early and make breakfast. Start your day with good food and quality time with your spouse before your day gets started.

2. Spend as much time as possible with just your spouse. If your anniversary falls on the weekend, make sure to spend the entire day (or even the whole weekend) together. If it falls during the week, either take the day off or try to get off early. Soak up that time together, it goes quick. If you can't be together on your anniversary, celebrate it the weekend before or after so that you can spend an entire day together. Life is crazy and most people don't get a lot of days with just their spouse so when you do, take advantage of it. When it's your anniversary - make it happen.

3. A card is a must. Whether or not you and your spouse want to give each other gifts, always give each other a card. I don't think people realize the importance and impact that words have on other people, especially, your spouse. Words that are written down and directed towards your spouse to tell them how much they mean to you will be the most meaningful thing you can give them. If you aren't good with words, take your time picking out the perfect card that already says exactly what you wanted to say. If you don't want to buy a card from the store, hand make one or even write your own words onto a napkin. Do whatever it takes to write to your spouse just how much they mean to you on your anniversary.

4. Do something fun. On your anniversary, do something you both enjoy. It may be to ride your bikes, go to the beach, play a game, go see a movie, etc. This is the day that you should do something you both LOVE doing.

5. Make dinner special. If you go out to eat all the time, take the kids/pets to someone else's house and make dinner at home. If cooking isn't your strong point, get food catered in. If you eat at home all the time, go out to a nice restaurant. It doesn't have to be super expensive, just nice enough that you both dress up. Make dinner special so it doesn't feel like "just another day".

6. Eat dessert. Throw all diets out the door on your anniversary. More than likely you had a cake, cupcakes, pies, something sweet on your wedding day so make sure to have it on your anniversary too. Oh, and make sure to enjoy it.

7. If you are giving gifts, give a gift you know your spouse wants. There is nothing worse than giving a gift to your spouse that you think they will like and then they take it back. Make a wish list for each other and buy off of that list. Not only will you feel great about giving them something they want but also something they will keep.

8. Go traditional or modern with your gifts. Anniversaries have traditional and modern gift themes for each year you are married. Michael and I are traditional so we make sure to go with the traditional theme each year for our gifts. It allows your wish list to be narrowed down into one particular category and it allows you and your spouse to use your creativity.

9. Kiss and compliment, a lot. Kiss each other more than usual, even when your spouse isn't looking. Compliment each other on everything you LOVE about them. He/She is your life partner so make sure, especially on your anniversary, that they know how much they are admired.

What are some tips that you think I should add to the list?

Check out our perfect anniversary (Traditional Gift for 2 years: cotton):

Poster on the front door with the 2 made with cotton balls. 

Gifts (including cotton candy & a cotton scented candle), pictures from our 1 year anniversary, flowers that we had at our wedding.

Somewhat recreated the top of our wedding cake.

Michael's homemade gift box with cotton balls shaped as a 2 on each side.

2 years + Forever

We both surprised each other with a cake - both red velvet - yum! 

We dressed up for dinner at The Mustard Seed...delicious! 

We had a wonderful anniversary. Thank you again for the well wishes!
LOVE, sje

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  1. I totally love this post. Cotton---you guys were so creative. I'm super impressed. Love you both.


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