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Friday, April 20, 2012

I LOVE the Friday Five

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week :)

Here are your Friday Five:

1. I would LOVE for you to follow my blog by email. I now have the option for you to follow my blog by email which means that you don't have to "check back" whenever you think about it or wait for me to post a link every time I write something new. Anytime I post, you will get an email with my post included in it. Pretty cool, right? Look to the right of my page, under my "about me" and type your email into the white space and click submit. Wha-la! Less work for you.

2. I LOVE cleaning out my closet. Last weekend I started making room for new clothes cleaning out my closet and after 2 hours I had to stop so Michael and I could make our tee time. Two hours and two full trash bags of clothes later...I still wasn't finished. Seriously, where were all those clothes hiding?? This weekend I plan to go through my drawers and my guest room closet. I LOVE decluttering my closet and donating clothes that I don't wear anymore to those who may enjoy having them.

3. I LOVE being southern. I saw this on one of my high school friends facebook page and had to put it on my blog, I LOVE it. I have no idea if you read my blog or not but thank you Sarah Creech Hill!
1. It's never too soon to write a thank you note.
2. Southerners never put dark meat in their chicken salad and always use real mayonnaise.
3. A real Southern girl should own an iced-tea pitcher and a deviled-egg plate.
4. You can't pass fifth grade without taking cotillion classes.
5. Mistakes are a fact of life. It's what you learn from them that counts.
6. The three little words that all women long to hear: "You were right."
7. Good manners will often take you where neither money nor education can.
8. No one will ever outgrow the need for a mother's love.

4. I LOVE miniature...anything. Anytime there is something miniature you can guarantee that I will say, "awwww, cute!". Here are a few of some miniature things that I LOVE:

Miniature Maltipoo - I will have one of these someday.

Miniature Cakes

The mini Mini The mini Mini The mini Mini
Miniature Car

mini mini postcards
Miniature Postcards

Mini mini pies
Miniature Pies

Aren't things so much cuter when they are tiny?!?

5. I LOVE things we can learn from a dog. This is so true and Tucker is a great teacher:

 Wooden Sign, Learn From a Dog

Have a great weekend, friends! Go Riverdogs!
LOVE, sje

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  1. Hi Sweet Sarah!
    That is SO ironic...in my Bible study this week in James 5 his message made me get into my closet and clean it out and get ready to give it away! The message presented two things we cana do to "make room in our lives for love and obedience:" 1. Use it or abuse it (if we have something without using it, let's give it away to someone who DOES need it); 2. If we get something, give something ("I've got all I can stand and possibly use. If I get something new, something else needs to go." Beth Moore quote!.
    Felt so good to pack stuff up and offer it to someone else in need!
    Along with this study in James, you are an inspiration to me!
    Love & Prayers
    Your MIL xxooo


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