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Friday, April 6, 2012

I LOVE the Good Friday Five

It's Good Friday - the day Jesus was crucified on the cross and died for all of us. Let's not forget the true meaning of today and this weekend. Easter Sunday is the day Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave - He is Risen!

Good Friday

With that being said, I hope you all have fun celebrating and allow yourself to fill up on Easter candy!

Here are your Good Friday Five:

1. I LOVE this video. As an athlete, I know this is not the way most people (including myself) would handle falling just before reaching the finish line. Although, when we fall down we should do the worm:

"Dis is how we do track in Hawaii" video by dAgrANDHaYn on youtube

I heard about this video on the radio and thought it was a good lesson to us all. We should make the best of every situation and instead of getting mad or upset...we should "do the worm".

2. I LOVE the Charleston Riverdogs. I don't know what it is about minor league baseball but I LOVE it. Maybe it's the atmosphere at the games, maybe it is just something different to do, who knows. Last night was opening night and due to the bad weather, we didn't go. There will be many visits to "The Joe" this summer and I am looking forward to it!


3. I LOVE a good laugh. This made me laugh because it is how I am feeling today:


4. I LOVE when Tucker gets professionally washed. There is something about a professional dog wash that is amazing. Tucker will smell wonderful for many days after the wash. He also has less stray hairs, his ears cleaned, and his nails clipped. We are dog sitting our friends dog, Costa and thought she may enjoy a good bath too. Michael took the dogs to PawPurri and the dogs are now "so fresh and so clean"! They also received a Easter bandanna...don't they look good (and extremely happy!)?!?

Costa looks like she is sticking her tongue out to the camera. If you know Costa - that fits her personality perfectly, ha!

5. I LOVE pregnancy announcements. The only thing I have to announce is that I am NOT pregnant. I'm not 30 yet, remember? Although, a lot of people I know are pregnant and haven't announced yet or are just now announcing and I LOVE it. From what I know, 7 couples are currently pregnant. Congrats to you lovely couples!

When I am pregnant, I will make sure NOT to announce it like this, ha:

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
LOVE, sje

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