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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I LOVE Old Navy

Y'all know that I LOVE clothes, fashion, trends, accessories, jewelry, etc. One thing you may not know is that sometimes I have a hard time buying. I will window shop and look through racks of clothing all day long but it is hard for me to actually make a purchase.

Unless...I find a deal. I LOVE finding a deal on cute clothes. When I find really cute clothes that are inexpensive, I have no problem making a purchase. Now you know why 3/4 of my wardrobe is from Forever 21. I don't usually shop at Old Navy but recently they've had really cute clothes and it is starting to be a place that I look forward to going. I especially LOVE Old Navy's shorts. They aren't too short and they are also flattering. You better believe I bought a few pairs of them last weekend :)

Below are some of the cute style's Old Navy has to offer:

These shorts are only $19.94 but were on sale for $15.
Yep, these came home with me (along with the blue pair).

These were also on sale for $15 and made their way into my bag :)

Racerback + Floral = yes, please.

Jeans are one item of clothing that I will spend a lot of money on so my eyes lit up when I saw that these are only $34.50. I LOVE this color!

I LOVE how the lace dresses up this tank (esp at only $16)

This looks like it should be at Francesca's!

For the man in your life:

For only $9.94, this top made it home to add to Michael's wardrobe.

You can't beat a hipster tank like this one (esp at $12.94)!
This one came home as well.

These are the perfect fitting shorts for your man and only $20.
We bought these and are going back for the tan ones.

If your guy likes a plain bathing suit (which are very hard to find)- these are great and only $17.50.

Plaid always looks good on a man!

Don't you want to go shopping at Old Navy now?? I think I should get paid for all this advertising I just gave them :) Also, looking back over this post I confirmed that I do indeed have a LOVE for blue clothing.

What bargain stores do you LOVE to shop?
LOVE, sje

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