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Friday, June 22, 2012

I LOVE Blogiversaries

Yep, that's right folks...tomorrow marks my 1 year blogiversary! Honestly, when I started this fun little number I had no idea if I would stick with it or want to forget it. I can truthfully say that I LOVE it and hope ya'll LOVE it too.

Whether or not you have been reading since the beginning or have just recently started reading please know that I appreciate you. I don't know who you are but I am able to see how many visits the page gets and some days I am stunned that 1. someone is actually reading and 2. the large number of people who are actually reading. So, a huge THANK YOU to everyone.

Remember at the beginning of the month I told you I LOVE updating (#5 on the Friday Five). Well, I've made some very minor changes to the blog and will make one major change (more on this later). Since no one commented or gave me any suggestions on what to do I had to do some research and figure it out on my own. Fair enough...it is my blog, right?!?

So, here they are:

1. Very obvious change - the picture at the top of the page. Even though the Charleston Battery picture was beautiful I wanted to freshen up the page and what better way to do that than a picture of amazing tulips inside an old home located in downtown Charleston? Also, my very talented husband took this picture and it is too beautiful not to display. I tried to change the background and colors but that didn't work out. Pink and grey are my favorite colors together and I LOVE the wallpaper style background. I kept going back to this style so I decided to keep it.

2. The font. Can you tell? Ha. I did change the font so it was a little easier to read. The text options that blogger gives are kind of crazy so I went with another basic font. I promise...it is different.

3. My name. Over to the right of the page, under the "About Me" section my name used to be displayed as "sje" and it's now "Sarah". Yes people, I have a full name. So now you may be thinking, why "LOVE, sje"? Before I was married, many of my friends (including my husband) always called me SJ (my initials). It is something that stuck and whenever I would sign emails, notes or anything non-professional I would sign "sj". Yes, I used to always write in all lowercase...why, because I was in college and it was easy, duh! After I married my sweet husband, my last name changed and I started signing my new initials, sje...keeping with my lowercase trend, of course. So, why did I change it back to "Sarah"? I started commenting on other people's blogs and figured they had NO clue who sje was but they might have an idea of who Sarah was. Ha, I told you I made minor changes!

4. Birthdays. Over the past year, I tried to highlight my family and close friend's birthdays on my blog. I missed a few people and feel badly for it so this year I will probably give a shout out but won't write an entire blog. Please don't be offended if you don't get one this year...you mean just as much to me this year as you did last year, promise.

5. Pictures. After researching which blogs y'all liked the most I realized y'all really liked when I would post pictures of events/weekends that I attended. I should actually be better at it this year because I will have the iPhone (getting it today...yeah yeeeeah!) and can take better pictures when I don't have my camera with me. Bye, Bye Blackberry. Also, I used to copy and paste pictures and realized sometimes they don't show up. I'll do a better job about actually uploading the pictures so they are there to stay.

and for the major change............

No more Friday Five. I know, I know...that is a HUGE part of my blog - but - what I am replacing it with will spice things up a bit. As you all know, things that are repetitive can quickly become boring and honestly I started to get bored with the Friday Five.

Confession: Some days I didn't have 5 things to write about so I threw in some randoms and although I still LOVED all 5 things, I probably wouldn't have posted them if it wasn't for the Friday Five. Some weeks, I wouldn't post during the week so I had 5 things to write about on Friday.

So, what am I replacing it with??

Flashback Friday. I will share something that I LOVED from the past such as a toy, movie, etc. I am sure you all will LOVE reminiscing just as much as I will. This will start next Friday :)

So? What do you think? LOVE the update, hate it, or don't care about it?
      Here is a change that involves you...start commenting people!

LOVE, sje

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