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Friday, June 29, 2012

I LOVE Flashback Friday

I hope everyone had a great week. Drink lots of water this weekend - it'll be a hot one!

Today's flashback is....

Teddy Ruxpin!

I used to LOVE my Teddy Ruxpin. I know most of you had this wonderful talking bear. He was the best selling toy of 1985-1986 (no wonder I had one). I bet people were stunned that this bear was able to move his mouth and eyes while telling a story from a cassette tape that was placed in his back. I'm sure I sat in amazement. 

When reading up on Teddy, I read that he had a friend named Grubby. I don't remember Grubby but they say that Grubby had a cord that plugged into Teddy which allowed them to talk to each other. Pretty cool if you are a toddler. 

I guess now they have a digital version of Teddy Ruxpin - who knew?! Maybe one day my child will have their very own Teddy Ruxpin. 

Who LOVED Teddy Ruxpin as much as I did??

Have a great weekend, friends! 
LOVE, sje

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