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Friday, June 1, 2012

I LOVE the Friday Five

Happy Friday friends! I LOVE four day work weeks :)

Here are your Friday five:

1. I LOVE Joy Kills Sorrow. Remember yesterday when I told you my girlfriends and I were going to the Joy Kills Sorrow concert at the Spoleto Festival? I promised you my review so here it goes: I LOVED them. They were a great band with a lot of personality. The lead singer had an amazing voice. The band members rocked out on their instruments. I would definitely go to their concert again!

My favorite song of the night was the one below titled, "One More Night"

No flash photography was allowed so this picture from my phone was the best I could do! 

Dinner at HoM

 Jennifer, me, and Susannah

 Britney and Stephanie

We had a great time! What do y'all think of Joy Kills Sorrow??

2. I LOVE when my parents visit. My parents are coming to Charleston tomorrow - yippee!! I haven't see them since Christmas so I am excited to spend some quality time with them. Drive safe Mom & Dad!

3. I LOVE summer hair. I am finally getting my locks cut tomorrow! I can not explain in words how excited I am to cut *inches* off my hair. Super stoked. Since it's June, it's now time to put my highlights back in so my hair will look sunkissed and bright(er). Hello summer hair! Please note: if you live in Charleston and need an amazing hair stylist...go to Urban Nirvana Hair in West Ashley and ask for Cady. She is amazing. Although, you need to call weeks in advance because she books up quick!

4. I LOVE a turkey burger topped with an apple. Have you ever tried a turkey burger with brie cheese, spinach, and an apple?? If not, I highly recommend it! It is simply delicious. If you live in Charlotte - go to Bad Daddy's and order the Frenchie. If you live in Charleston - go to HoM and order the Green Gobble'n. Those are my two favorite turkey burger's topped with an apple!


5. I LOVE updating. Believe it or not, later this month will mark my one year blogiversary! Crazy, right? Anyway, I will be updating my blog and would LOVE your suggestions. What posts have been your favorite? What types of posts would you like to see more of? What posts did you not even open because the title didn't impress you?
     Seriously...I would LOVE your feedback. Please comment below so I can keep your interest and you'll continue to read my blog :)

Have a great weekend!! LOVE, sje

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