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Friday, June 15, 2012

I LOVE the Friday Seven (Father's Day edition)

Happy Friday friends! This weekend is a special one because it is Father's Day on Sunday (you're welcome for the reminder). Just like I highlighted the special Mother's in my life on Mother's Day, I am going to do the same for Father's Day.

Here are your Friday Seven:

1. I LOVE my dad. My dad is the greatest. He is smart, kind, caring, and puts Christ first in all areas of his life. He LOVES our family so much and is a very present and involved father. His wonderful sense of humor and laid back personality makes him so much fun to be around. I am so grateful for all the times we get to spend together, although, those times are never long enough. I hope you feel as special as you are on this Father's Day - I LOVE you!

2. I LOVE Joedy. I've said it before and I'll say it many times more - I have the best in-laws. My father-in-law, Joedy LOVES the Lord and his family with all he has. He is a strong man with a gentle heart. He has a caring, kind spirit and is the first to help anyone who is in need. I am proud to be part of his family. I LOVE you!

3. I LOVE my Uncle Stew. I have never met anyone who compares to my Uncle Stew. He is hardworking, strong, talented, and a "man's man" - but also - kind, caring, and the most LOVING family man. He allowed me to live with him for 7 months and provided everything I needed and more. I am sure he would have let me live with him forever if I needed too. He is the definition of a generous man. Thank you for always being so welcoming and caring. I always think of you every Father's Day and am so grateful for you. I LOVE you!

My Uncle Stew was a fighter pilot in the Navy - many people, including myself, look up to him!
Angie- hope you don't mind I stole your picture...I just LOVE it :)

4. I LOVE my Grandpa Judy. Many of my family members say I look the most like my Grandpa Judy and I am grateful because he is handsome! He always has a smile on his face and is interested in what's going on in your life. He worked hard his entire life to provide for his family. He is a family man and LOVES when we are all together. It is always a fun time when we are able to get together. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more but I hope on this Father's Day he knows how much he is LOVED. I LOVE you!

5. I LOVE Hank. Hank is technically my Step-Grandfather, although, I can't remember life without him. He has always been there for me and LOVED me as if we were related by blood. He is kind and LOVES to be around his family. He is a wonderful dancer and there are times I wish I could sit and watch him and Nana dance together for hours. It's been way too long since we've seen each other and I hope that changes soon! I LOVE you! 

6. I LOVE Josh. My brother-in-law Josh is a wonderful father. He LOVES his family so much and will do anything for them. His home is centered around the Lord and is a great example for us all. He knows how to "let loose" and have a good time. He has an addicting laugh that will brighten up a room. He is honest, trust worthy, and LOVING. I LOVE you! 

7. I LOVE my Grandpa Britt. My Grandpa Britt passed away almost 4 years ago but I can not let him go unrecognized on my blog. I think about him and miss him a lot, especially on Father's Day. Grandpa Britt was a tough, southern man. He had a tender spot in his heart for his family and his LOVE was felt as soon as you walked in the door. He always had fudge striped cookies ready and waiting for my brother and I every time we would come to visit. I'll never forget waking up to the smell of him making the most delicious breakfast every time we were there. He is missed and will never be forgotten. I LOVE you! 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the father's out there. I'm not able to highlight everyone I know but I am thinking about you all on this special day! I hope you all feel special and LOVED. 

LOVE, sje

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