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Monday, June 25, 2012

I LOVE my iPhone

Even though it took 3 hours and the store literally closing us in - I got my iPhone! Why did it take 3 hours, you ask? Without going into detail...Everything that could go wrong with purchasing a new phone went wrong. We finally walked out of the store at 9:15pm with my iPhone in hand (and we got $25 off and a free phone case for our patience). Patience is a fruit of the spirit and I believe God was just strengthening this virtue. Always stay positive...right?

I guess my patience needed to be tested again because the next morning I placed a password lock on my phone and 5 minutes later I typed that password in and the phone told me I typed in the wrong password. Really, iPhone? I just created the password 5 short minutes ago and I absolutely did not forget it. After multiple tries, I got locked out of my phone for 15 minutes. A hour long phone conversation with Apple followed and the situation was finally fixed. Although, it deleted every single contact I had in my phone. I repeated to myself, "patience, Sarah, patience". So, after going through Michael's phone and Britney's phone, I got most of my contacts back - thank goodness.

With that being said - I LOVE my iPhone. Here's what you should do:

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Keeping true to my promise of posting more pictures of my real life, here are pictures from my fun & restful weekend:

Saturday & Sunday morning were spent at the best breakfast place on Folly:

This is what happens to Tuck when he is left alone with Aunt B for too long:

Frogmore Stew for dinner on Saturday night with awesome friends:

Our nature walk with Hannah & George:

Hannah found a baby frog: 

George was LOVING the walk: 

Hope y'all had a great weekend. What apps should I download???
LOVE, sje

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