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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I LOVE weddings

I graduated college (Go App!) with a degree in Communications/Public Relations and a minor in Sociology with the desire to become a wedding planner. Although, that would mean I had to work most every Friday night and Saturday - uhhhhhh, no thank you. I realized my LOVE of the weekends outweighed my desire to become a wedding planner. Now, I work at a place that has a wedding almost every weekend and I get to see all the fun that goes into it without having to do any of the hard work - score!

My LOVE for weddings has only grown over the past few years since I am at the age where most of my friends are getting married. I am amazed at how many different idea's have gone into creating the perfect celebration for each couple. 

Now, that Pinterest is around I constantly look at the wedding boards. I would like to high-five a lot of the bride's who's weddings I see because they are a-ma-zing. Here are a few of my favorite idea's along with where I found it (in no particular order): 

Jenn's dress, necklace, and veil - topped off with the perfect smile.

Blair meeting her dad before walking down the isle by a horse and carriage.

Preston & Rebecca's at home wedding. 

Kellie & Jason's get-away car.

Amanda & Nick's homemade pumpkin bread favor. 

Scott & Christen's outdoor wedding - esp the haystack seating.

and now my Pinterest faves: 

I LOVE this sign.

Table setting perfection.

If you do this your guests will automatically know they are going to have a good time. 

Take a picture of your first kiss with the audience in the background instead of the minister. 

Michael & I poured sand together but I wish I would have thought to do it in a shadow box with our picture. 

I'll save the rest for another day :)
What are some of your most creative wedding ideas?? 
LOVE, sje

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