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Friday, August 31, 2012

I LOVE Flashback Friday

It feels like Friday took forever to get here this week. I woke up Wednesday feeling like it was Friday. I was greatly disappointed when I realized it wasn't. At least it is a long weekend! My longtime friend, Ashley, is coming to visit and I am so excited for her arrival. We are going to have a blast this weekend!

Today's flashback is...


I LOVED my tamagotchi. I know most of you had one and took it with you everywhere you went. It was your responsibility to keep that thing alive. I remember having to feed it, clean up after it, put it to bed, etc. If you didn't take care of it, it would die. I don't think it actually taught me responsibility but it sure was fun! 

If you missed out on this fad here are some facts (from Wikipedia) about the tamagotchi: 
A Tamagotchi is a keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game for children. The characters are colorful and simplistically designed creatures based on animals, objects, or people. Tamagotchis are a small alien species that deposited an egg on Earth to see what life was like, and it is up to the player to raise the egg into an adult creature. The creature goes through several stages of growth, and will develop differently depending on the care the player provides, with better care resulting in an adult creature that is smarter, happier, and requires less attention.

Did you take care of your own tamagotchi? Let me know if you LOVED it as much as I did. Have a fun & safe long weekend!
LOVE, sje

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