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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I LOVE to mix & match

Mix & matching patterns is a trend that is coming on strong. It is one that is hard to pull off but if you do it correctly you are sure to look, oh so glam! I've done this with my bathing suits for a couple of years but this fall I plan on trying it with my clothing. I've also seen it incorporated into interior design which I LOVE. It adds character and personal style to the ever so popular "cookie cutter" "everyone has it" "I know where you bought that" room. Mix & matching is a sure fire way to make sure your look is all your own.

Every time I come across a mix & match outfit, I look at
   1) why do I like that particular outfit?
   2) how do these patterns work together?
   3) what do these different patterns have in common?

The answers:
   1) The model is confident and the outfit is polished.
   2) One pattern is bold and the other is subtle. There are never more than 2 different patterns. There is always one neutral piece in the outfit that compliments both patterns.
   3) Both patterns are in the same color family. Color is key.

So, what do I need to know when putting together my outfit with mix & match patterns?
Only wear 2 patterns: one bold, one subtle. Find a neutral piece that draws both patterns in: shirt, belt, jacket. Make sure the colors in both patterns compliment each other and are in the same color family. Keep the outfit polished so it doesn't look like you got dressed in the dark.
           Most importantly....Be Confident. Be prepared for people to say "you go girl!" cause you know you look good :)

Below are some of my favorite examples of mix & match outfits & rooms:






Do you LOVE the mix & match trend or does the thought of it scare you? 
LOVE, sje


  1. I agree, I love to mix and match! Especially in our house!

  2. This scares me! Come to my closet and help me know how to do this, please!

  3. Ashley - next time we are together we should definitely experiment in our own closets! We can learn together :)


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