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Friday, September 14, 2012

I LOVE Flashback Friday

It's Friday! Finally...I repeat, finally! Is anyone else as happy that it's Friday as I am?!?

Today's flashback is...

The Secret World of Alex Mack!

I used to LOVE to watch this show on SNICK. I thought it was so cool that Alex could morph herself into a liquid-like substance and travel through pipes and never be seen. I had no idea that Jessica Alba made her TV Debut on this show. The Secret World of Alex Mack jump starting career's before our young eyes! Below is how Wikipedia describes the plot of the show: 
Alex Mack is an ordinary teenage girl, living with her parents and older sister in the corporate town of Paradise Valley. After her first day of junior high school, while walking home, Alex is nearly hit by a truck from a chemical plant, and during the incident, she is drenched with a top-secret chemical called GC-161. She soon discovers that the chemical gives her strange powers. These include telekinesis, the ability to transmit bolts of electricity through her fingers, and the capacity to morph into a liquid form. However, her powers prove to be unpredictable (such as when her skin starts glowing brightly while she's nervous). She confides only in her sister Annie and her best friend Ray, choosing to keep her powers a secret from everyone else, including her parents, for fear of what the chemical plant CEO, Danielle Atron, will do to her if she finds out.
 Did you watch this show on SNICK? Did you LOVE it as much as I did?

Have a great weekend, friends!
LOVE, sje

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