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Monday, October 29, 2012

I LOVE the Halloween Party Recap

I know...it's not Halloween yet and we've already celebrated, ha! We had so much fun at our Halloween party with some great friends. Michael and I spent the day buying last minute supplies and decorating our condo. We dressed up in our costumes and awaited the arrival of our guests. Everyone looked great and seemed to have a great time. Later in the evening we took a party bus downtown and finished the night with some dancing. If you live in Charleston, I highly recommend Charleston Style Limo for your party transportation.

Candy Bar

Web decoration with a 1/2 way finished drink bar.

Barrel of Beer

Michael spray painted these sticks to create this centerpiece & Halloween Cupcakes.

Food table

The best Pumpkin Dip you'll ever eat!

Vampire's Dream Punch: Rum, Cranberry Juice & Pineapple Juice
Michael & I as a gorilla and a monster.

Tucker the shark.

Britney & I as monsters.

Nate & Allison: Awesome redneck? & Alice in Wonderland
Susannah & Stephanie: Cop & Robber

Michael & I with Kyle & Michele: Green Hornet & Driver

 Kyle, Nate, Paul, & Michael

Kyle & Michele

Michael & Nate dancing.

Susannah, Stephanie, Me, and Britney

Did you celebrate Halloween already?? Comment with a link to your pictures so I can see!
LOVE, sje


  1. Love how the spray painted sticks turned out-hadn't thought to use black but they look amazing! Looks like a great turnout!

    1. Thanks, sometimes my husband is much more creative than I am! We LOVED them so much they are still on our table, ha!


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