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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I LOVE the CMA Awards

I LOVE all types of country music - twangy, bluegrass, pop, new, old, male, female, etc - so, I really look forward to the CMA Awards every year. I LOVE cheering on the past year's top artists as well as singing along to their performances. I especially LOVE to see what each artist is wearing. Country folks dressed in their finest boots & gowns are simply irresistible!

Tomorrow, I will show the top three gowns that I LOVED from the red carpet. Today, I am going to act as if I were walking the red carpet tonight and I have to pick out a gown. Not only would I be bff's with Carrie Underwood, I would also make sure I was dressed to impress. Below would be some of my top gown choices:

 Waterfall - Pleat Gown - Giorgio Armani

Will you be watching the CMA's tonight? If you were walking the red carpet, what would be your top gown choice?

Happy Friday Eve!
LOVE, sje

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