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Monday, November 26, 2012

I LOVE the Thanksgiving Recap

My Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect. I was able to leave work early on Wednesday and without much traffic, we made it to Florida. Tucker was ready for a long weekend away :)

Thanksgiving morning we woke up and started cooking while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Tucker went for a swim...

We headed over to my Aunt & Uncle's house to eat our Thanksgiving meal. 

Of course, family pictures were taken. 

 After the big meal, we went upstairs to the theater room and kicked off the Christmas season with the movie Elf

Friday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a walk on the beach. 

 Friday night, we went to a local theater to watch the play, "A Christmas Carol".

Saturday, Michael and I wanted to watch the football games at a local sports bar so my parents recommended Bunky's. They had delicious wings and an entertaining crowd! 

We returned home Saturday night for lasagna dinner with the entire family. 

 We woke up Sunday morning and headed back to Charleston. Since Thanksgiving was over, it was time to buy our Christmas tree. We always buy our tree from the Firestone parking lot because those tree's are brought down from Ashe County which is near where Michael grew up. We try to shop local as much as we can! 

After we got home and unpacked, Nate came over and helped put the lights on the tree. We'll finish decorating it tonight and I'll be sure to show y'all the finished product :)

Have a great Cyber Monday!
LOVE, sje


  1. I love your yellow top!! Happy to hear you had no traffic! Some friends visited us in Charleston, from Roanoke VA and it took them over 10 hours to get home. Normally a 5.5/6 hour trip!!



    1. Thank you! My yellow top is one of my favorite purchases from Forever 21. Did your friends take I95? We ran into some traffic going home but it didn't slow us down too much. I'm glad they got home safe, even though it took them 10 hours!

  2. Love the pictures!!!!! Cofession.....cried when I saw your Mom and Dad!!!! Miss them so much!!!! Thanks for posting pictures!!!!!

  3. Aww y'all are too cute! What kind of dog is Tucker? He looks like our dog, Gunner :)

    I was also thinking about checking out the trees at the Firestone parking lot haha, that is right up the street from our house!


    1. Thank you! Tucker is a tall, skinny chocolate lab. We've bought our tree from that lot the past 3 years and have always had a quality tree. I definitely recommend them!

    2. Oh, you may be looking at my aunt & uncle's dogs. Those two are Australian Shepherd's. Aren't they cute?!

  4. You look so cute in all the pictures! Love that peach top and the bracelet.

  5. looks like a wonderful holiday!


  6. What part of Florida were you in Sarah?


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