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Monday, November 19, 2012

I LOVE the weekend recap

Hubby was away this weekend so I had a lot of time to myself and was able to relax. I went to the gym, shopped, gave myself a facial, cleaned, and watched a lot of chick flicks. I feel very refreshed!

Before I went shopping, I needed some coffee. I LOVE Dunkin Donut's regular coffee. Did you know Dunkin has holiday cups too? 

I went to Tanger Outlets to get some more makeup from the Bare Minerals store and came home with their skincare line too. If you LOVE Bare Minerals like I do, then you must go to the outlet store now. I bought their facial cleanser, daily moisturizer, and eye cream for only $29 (an $80 value). Oh, and I came home with some Christmas gifts and a Christmas Tree scented candle :)

I spent the evening watching the most "girly" movies I could find, LOL and Rock of Ages. LOL was entertaining but I wouldn't watch it again. Rock of Ages was a little cheesy but I LOVE musical's so I enjoyed it. It reminded me how much I LOVE 80's music but do not LOVE the fashion. 

Lots of cuddle time was spent with this guy:

Sunday was cold and rainy so hot chocolate was completely necessary!

This week is a short one! We can do it!
LOVE, sje

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