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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I LOVE casual party attire

In my circle of friends, I've noticed that we attend more parties that require dressy-casual attire than those that require formal attire. I would LOVE to attend more formal parties but it just doesn't happen. With that being said, when I realistically think about what I am going to wear to a party a fancy dress doesn't come to mind. I have a few Christmas parties coming up (as I am sure you do as well) so when thinking about what I'm going to wear, I put together the below inspiration outfits. Would you wear any of these outfits?

Casual-Dressy Party Outfit 1

Dressy-Casual Party Outfit 3

Nina Lenis

What are you wearing to your holiday parties this year?
LOVE, sje


  1. When I get to my goal weight, I want you to take me shopping!!!!!!!!

    1. I would LOVE to! Even if we have to do it all online :)


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