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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I LOVE gift idea's for men

Men are extremely hard to buy for, am I right? They'll tell you what they want then they go out and buy it on their own. Even worse, they'll tell you they don't want anything in particular and we are left guessing. Do y'all have a hard time deciding what to buy for your father, brother, or significant other? While searching idea's of what to buy for these special fella's I figured y'all might need some help too. Below is a list of purchases that my husband has received and LOVED or items that I think he would LOVE.

*You have the option to add his monogram on these as well*

The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror - Hammacher Schlemmer

Indoor Boho Bocce Game - Uncommon Goods

Cell Phone Cup (for his truck)- Pick Up Specialties 

What are some gifts you've given to a man that he's LOVED? 
LOVE, sje


  1. great suggestions! :) i may have to use some of these for my man!

  2. I've never seen indoor Bocce. What a great idea!

    1. I thought so too! It would be perfect for the winter months or for people who don't live near the beach!

  3. These ideas are awesome!! Never would have thought of them!
    I think my hubs is such a pain because every year he just wants a new GUN.... ha ha!


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