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Monday, December 3, 2012

I LOVE the weekend recap

This weekend was very full and lots of fun. Saturday was the 22nd Annual Reindeer Run through downtown Charleston. It was the first run Michael and I have ever done and it was truly a blast! We dressed in costume, met our friends, and completed the run. I'm pretty sure we'll do it again next year!

For Christmas, Michael and I are buying each other new couches so we decided to go furniture shopping after the run. Since we were still in costume, it made for a fun shopping experience, ha! We found the exact couches we were looking for and LOVE the way they look in our living room. If you are looking to buy furniture any time soon, I recommend Atlantic Bedding & Furniture in North Charleston. They have a very laid back way of selling furniture and aren't completely in-your-face as you are shopping.

On our way home we stopped by our friends new house to watch the Georgia/Alabama game and had an awesome time. The neighborhood and their neighbor's were amazing and I raved about how I wanted to live there! Clearly, we were having a lot of fun so by the time we left, it was 8:00pm and time for us to go to the A21 Benefit at How Art Thou? Cafe.

So...yes, we went in our costumes and still hadn't showered. Luckily, most of the people who were at the benefit know us and didn't care at all. We became the talking point of many conversations and one girl asked where I got my socks because she wanted a pair. I don't think she was making fun of me but who cares either way, ha!

Thanks Dave & How Art Thou? Cafe for a fun night! 

On Sunday, we went to the Christmas parade downtown. Can you tell we LOVE the Christmas season?

We ended the night watching Home Alone 2 and we went to bed early! What did y'all do this weekend?
LOVE, sje


  1. I love Home Alone!! Such a fun holiday movie!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend. Wish I'd done the run!



    1. The Home Alone series are some of my favorite Christmas movies! You should do the run next year, it is a lot of fun!

  2. This sounds like my kind of weekend in the lowcountry! The couches look great!!

  3. what a fun run!! I wish we had one of those around here in MN! looks like a great holiday weekend :) new follower!

    1. LOVE that you are a new follower :) I hope you enjoy!


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