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Monday, January 21, 2013

I LOVE Wine Ice Cream

I saw this on Pinterest today and it was too good not to share:

Mercer's Wine Ice Cream - are you serious?!? I LOVE wine and I LOVE ice cream. I can only imagine how delicious it would be mixed together! I am seriously thinking about having some mailed to me. 

Has anyone tried this before?

LOVE, sje


  1. I've seen this on Pinterest too. This will make girls night even more better!

  2. Never seen this before.,..interesting! I think I would love a moscato ice cream!

    Just found your cute blog! Stop by mine and say hi sometime!

  3. I've seen this too and have to know how it is! I love wine and ice cream too. I'm so curious about how it tastes together.

  4. This is something different, but it's exciting to know that we can now make ice creams with wine flavors. Knowing how two of my favorites can be rolled into one dessert is such a delight. Sorry kids! This ice cream is strictly for adults. XD

    Corey Glenn


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