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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I LOVE Napa Valley, Day 2

We woke up Friday morning, drank our usual Starbucks, walked around downtown Napa for a while then headed back into wine country.

Again, the weather was perfect. 70 degree's and sunny!

Our first stop was at the Miner Family Winery. This is another MUST (ask for Cory)! Cory is one of Michael's friends from high school. After he heard we were vacationing there he immediately invited us to visit Miner Family Winery where he works. He was a wonderful host. He gave us a tour of the winery and the wine caves then allowed us to taste some delicious wine. The wine cave tour was amazing. I was surprised at how large it was and how many barrels of wine it could hold. That night, they were having a party in the wine cave...how cool?! Miner sits on top of a hill so the view is incredible. They absolutely had the best view out of all the winery's we went to.

Next, we stopped at Robert Sinskey Vineyards. Their tasting was inexpensive and they provided a cheese plate, which was nice. Other than that, we didn't LOVE it. The service here was not great. The wine was okay. We felt rushed and unwelcome. Their vineyard was pretty, though!

Cory suggested that walk around a nearby town, Yountville. We took his advice and I am so glad we did! It was quaint and lovely. Yountville has a lot of restaurants and wine tasting rooms. It was a nice change of pace from going to one winery after another.

While in Yountville, we tasted Cornerstone Cellars wine. The staff was very laid back and knowledgeable. It was a different type of atmosphere compared to the actual winery's but we had a great time and their cheese plate was amazing! 

For dinner, we stayed around our Inn and ate at a local Italian Restaurant. Yes, we both still talked about that Mac & Cheese from Mustard's Grill. Again...you MUST go to Mustard's Grill.

After going to many different winery's I learned "what not to wear to a winery." I was somewhat surprised at how many people talked about this. I thought it was common sense but I guess it isn't. I know y'all are smart people and more-than-likely know what not to wear but I figured I would still share my learning's with y'all. Be on the lookout later today for my "what not to wear to a winery" post :)

LOVE, sje


  1. Eek I'm looking forward to that next post...for my unplanned but definitely happening one day winery visit! I hope my common sense fits the 'rules' haha

  2. Wow, those views are amazing! How beautiful! I am also a big fan of wine and cheese plates mmm. Have y'all ever been to Bin 152 downtown??

    1. No...haven't even heard of it? I'm assuming they have wine and cheese plates? If so, I need to go!

      Have you been to How Art Thou? Cafe on Maybank Hwy? They do amazing cheese & charcuterie plates!


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