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Friday, March 1, 2013

I LOVE San Francisco, Day 2

We woke up Sunday morning to clear sky's and 65 degree weather. We walked to the farmer's market and got coffee from Peet's Coffee & Tea. Later, I learned that you can get Peet's coffee many different places in San Francisco (even in the airport). I ordered the Dutch Cocoa Blueberry Mocha (as shown on the board) and Michael ordered his favorite Vanilla Latte and they both were delicious. Honestly...MUCH better than Starbucks!

We decided to rent bikes for the day so instead of walking to pick them up, we rode the bus. For those of you who are going there: The bus is only $2 per person, although, it requires exact change! 

On our way to pick up our bikes, we walked around the Ghirardelli building. If you walk through the Ghirardelli building, they will give you a free piece of chocolate. I was told this after we were there and really wish I had walked through!

We picked up our bikes from Blazing Saddles and headed towards the Golden Gate bridge. The views were spectacular and the bridge is only about a mile long. It's riding up the hills to the bridge that was tough but totally worth it!

We rode over the bridge and came to a Mt. Everest size large mountain that made me tired just by looking at it. Michael, being the outdoor's man that he is, wanted to ride to the top. Needless to say, I let him take on that adventure himself while I waited for him at the bottom.

Michael's view from the top of the mountain. 

My view of Michael from the bottom of the mountain. 

The next stop on our agenda was to visit the Painted Ladies. We rode back over the bridge and came up with the worst idea ever brilliant idea to ride our bikes there. Our map told us we were only a mile-and-a-half away so we figured we would have no problem getting there. Have I mentioned that San Francisco is full of hills and lots of traffic? Oh, well...it is. We literally were walking our bikes up the 45 degree angle road for about 6 blocks. All I wanted to do was make it to the top. When we finally make it to the top, Michael tells me we have a little while longer until we get there. Although, the route was all downhill on a busy street. Really, San Francisco? Thankfully, we made it! The Full House theme song was playing in my head the entire time. The house's are beautiful but weren't as I pictured them. Maybe because I live in Charleston where there are tons of beautiful houses all around me...I don't know. I am glad we went there but would absolutely recommend taking a taxi there with a picnic lunch.

Oh, then we had to ride our bikes back...

Thankfully, we made it! We were starving so we stopped to eat at a local Mexican Restaurant, Las Margaritas which was really good. Typical, but good.

Finally, we went back to the hotel, got ready and enjoyed the complimentary wine/beer hour.

We both wanted sushi for dinner so we went to Sanraku. If you like sushi...go there. It was fabulous! It really was the best sushi I've ever had. Make a reservation, though. It fills up quick!

After dinner, we decided to take one last look at San Francisco at night. We walked out on to a dock in front of our hotel and admired the Port of San Francisco.

The next morning, we woke up and walked to Peet's to get some coffee. We sat and talked about the trip and were both very sad to leave. We had the best time and LOVED everything about Napa Valley & San Francisco. I don't know if we'll ever make it back but the trip is one I'll remember forever.

The hotel provided us a town car to drive us to the airport. Michael snapped a picture of the Giant's stadium on our way out.

We had a fabulous trip. If you taking this trip soon - savor every moment and soak up your time there. If you have any desire to go - go! You won't regret it.

All in all...I LOVED Napa Valley and I LOVED San Francisco.

LOVE, sje


  1. What a great trip :) I hope that one day we'll be able to make it out to San Francisco and Napa!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I was too young to remember my trip to San Fran. I def need to go again soon!


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