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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I LOVE our 3 year anniversary

Today marks the 3rd year that Michael and I have been married. These years are flying by and I have LOVED every day. Remember last year when I gave you some anniversary tips? We both have to work a full day today but we're making sure to still make the day special. This morning we had a breakfast date at Starbucks. Tonight we are headed downtown for dinner. We have never been to Poogan's Porch but we have only heard great things about it so we decided to make reservations there. I can't wait to try it out! Any recommendations on what to order?

We aren't giving each other our gifts until this weekend. As I told y'all last year, Michael and I exchange the traditional wedding gifts each year to narrow down our gifting options. At your 3 year anniversary, the traditional gift is leather so we decided to buy each other new cowboy boots. There is one particular store in Boone, NC that Michael LOVES to buy boots from and since we will be there this weekend we figured we would wait to buy our boots until then. I do have one small surprise gift for Michael (get your heads out of the gutter) that I am so excited to give him. I'll fill y'all in on the surprise tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary, Sug! I LOVE you!

LOVE, sje


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! What a blessing!!!!!!

  2. Happy anniversary! Wow - three years?! I didn't know you'd been married that long! I went to Poogan's a few years ago and had a steak. That was probably one of two times in my life I've ordered a steak haha, so I don't know what convinced me to get one that night, but I remember it being good! I don't eat much meat at all anymore, but if you or Michael like a good steak, give it a try.

    I love that you guys went on a Starbucks date this morning. It's always hard to celebrate on weekdays, but I'm going to steal that idea and do that next time a special occasion falls during the week.

  3. The fried green tomatoes at Poogans's are the best for an app :)


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