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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I LOVE Raising the Barre

I've heard a lot about barre classes and wanted to try them for a while. I found out there was a class in the building right beside my work that begins at 5:30pm on Monday & Wednesday so I figured I had no excuse not to try it out.

Last night was my first workout class at Raising the Barre. Their Facebook page describes their method as:

This workout combines the best of pilates, resistance training and ballet to tone, strengthen and shape your body. With a strong focus on posture, a barre workout is designed to increase flexibility and produce long lean muscles. A tighter seat, flatter abs, thinner thighs, sculpted arms and a strong core................This is Raising the Barre! 

Let me tell you...it was tough! I've heard this before but figured I exercised enough that it wouldn't be too bad. Ha, yeah right. My muscles were shaking after 5 minutes and continued to shake the entire class. I was surprised at how little you use the barre. I had the image of reliving my ballet class from when I was young. Nope...hardly any ballet moves were used. It was more like a very intense pilates class. I assume they change routine's every now and then so maybe the ballet moves will come later on. Overall, I got what I came for - a good, hard workout. After the class was over, I instantly fell in LOVE. Notice I said after the class was over. I left the workout feeling strong and energized. Now, I can honestly say, I'm excited to go back on Wednesday!

Have you tried a barre class? What did you think about it?
LOVE, sje

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  1. I've tried Barre and it's tough! I didn't exactly fall in love with it like you did, but who knows, maybe I'll give it another try in the future.


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