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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Class Reunion Outfit Ideas

I recently received a message from a reader (and friend) who asked for outfit ideas for her class reunion coming up this fall. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to help her with ideas and thought that other people might be asking themselves the same question. I thought it would be best to answer her on the blog in hopes that other people might find this information helpful as well. Class reunions can be casual or dressy, depending on your school, so I'll give you an age appropriate option for both.

Remember that these outfits are just suggestions. Take the outfits that I put together and make sure to add or remove pieces to fit your style. The most important thing to wear to a reunion is confidence! Cheesy...yes...but very true. Be confident and BE YOU!

10 Year Reunion: 

10 year reunion dressy

dress / shoe / necklace / clutch / bracelet

20 Year Reunion:
casual 20 year reunion
jeans / top / shoe / necklace / bracelet / jacket

Dressy 20 year reunion
dress / necklace / earrings / bracelet / shoe / clutch

Depending on your style (and if you are going to a high school or college reunion) these looks can be interchangeable. No matter what, don't go too dressy or too casual. If your event is casual, dress up more than you usually do but definitely wear comfortable jeans! If your event is dressy, don't show up in a formal gown. Throw in some trendy pieces but aim for a more classic outfit that'll show how beautiful you are. You want people to notice you...not what you are wearing. 

What did you wear to your class reunion? Comment and share ideas!

Love, sje

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY: Curtains

My 2nd sewing project over the weekend: curtains! The door that leads to our back yard has a window on it that people can see straight into, esp, at night. I am that person that closes all my blinds and curtains at night and this one window was really bugging me. So, I found some fun fabric and decided to make my own curtains!

If sewing scares you...this is the project to try first. Super, super easy.



You may have figured out that we really like different shades of yellow and blue :)

Project #2: DIY Curtains

1. Measure your fabric to make sure it is wide & long enough for the windows you are planning to cover. Make sure your fabric is long enough to fold the top over so it can slide onto your curtain rod.

2. Iron out the folds and wrinkles.

 3. Fold the fabric in half and cut the folded side to make two separate pieces.

4. Pin down the sides and bottom of the fabric (about 1/2 inch) then sew a straight line. This creates a clean edge.

5. Fold the front side of the fabric over as wide as needed to fit on your curtain rod. Mine only needed to be 1 inch.

6. Sew the top edge of your fabric to the front. This creates the opening to slide it onto the curtain rod.

7. Wha-la! You are finished and the curtains are ready to be hung.

Questions?? Ask away. If you take on either one of these sewing projects...let me know! 

Love, sje

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY: Easy Pillow Cover

Many of you saw my Facebook post about my weekend sewing projects. I finished 2 this weekend and 1 is still in the works. When I was younger I sewed all the time and I am finally getting back into it (thanks Mom for refreshing my memory)!

We bought new bedding and curtains for our bedroom recently and I could not find a decorative throw pillow to match. Our room is yellow, grey, blue and white and I couldn't find the perfect pillow. I didn't want it to match perfectly and I wanted it to add some life and sass to the room. So, I bought my own fabric and decided to recover an old pillow. Above is the end result! 

Project 1: Easy Pillow Cover
*If this isn't the type of pillow cover you want to make you can find many different how-to videos on YouTube.

1. Pick out your favorite fabric. Determine how much you need by the size of your pillow. 

2. Iron out all seams and wrinkles so you are working with a flat piece of fabric. 

3. Fold the fabric in half so you are working with the top and bottom of your pillow case.

4. Place your pillow on the folded piece of fabric so there is about 2-3 inches on every side of your pillow. Use a fabric pencil to draw a straight line on the open side of the folded fabric.

5. Cut along the open end of the folded fabric. DO NOT cut the fold of the fabric or else you'll end up with two separate pieces of fabric instead of one. Put the excess fabric to the side because we'll use that later in our project. 

6. Lay the fabric right side up and place your pillow in the middle. 

7. Fold the top and bottom over the pillow to make sure it closes completely. 

8. Pin the fabric together (wrong side up) so it'll stay put when you are sewing. Pin the long end of the fabric and one of the short ends. If you are working with a square pillow, pin any two sides. Keep one end open so you can stuff your pillow into it later. 

9. Sew the two pinned sides (notice the wrong side is up - very important). 

10. This is what your pillow case should look like at this point. All sides sewn except one and the right side of the fabric is on the inside. 

11. Iron the edges to make sure you are working with a flat surface. 

12. Pick up the extra piece of fabric that you cut off earlier. This fabric needs to be as wide as your pillow case and long enough to cover the side of your pillow after you stuff your pillow into the case.

13. Fold the top end of the pillow case over about an 1/2 inch and pin. This will make sure you have a nice, clean edge. On one side pin the excess piece of fabric (also with the edge folded down 1/2 inch).

 14. Sew all edges but make sure there is still an opening so you can stuff your pillow.

15. This is what your pillow case will look like at this point (looking inside).

16. Turn the fabric inside out so now the right side of the fabric is on the outside.

17. Stuff your pillow. 

18. Fold the excess fabric into the pillow case so it is covering the entire pillow. 

19. Place it where you want it! Here is my finished pillow from multiple angels.

Seriously, this is super easy and fun to make. Let me know if you have any questions!

Love, sje

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall Trend: Camo

This summer has been HOT. So very hot. I love summer and the heat but these past few scorching weeks have me longing for fall. As a new season approaches, my eyes start searching for the new trends. Camouflage has been a trend for a few seasons now and I am happy to report it is sticking around for the fall. If you don't think camo is a trend for you...think again. There are so many different ways to wear it and it can match any personality.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear camo: 
Fall Camo

and for the guys:Mens Camo

Just the other day I wore a camo t-shirt with pale pink pants, gold sandals, and a pink & gold necklace. Let me know how you plan to wear camo this fall!

Love, sje