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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Class Reunion Outfit Ideas

I recently received a message from a reader (and friend) who asked for outfit ideas for her class reunion coming up this fall. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to help her with ideas and thought that other people might be asking themselves the same question. I thought it would be best to answer her on the blog in hopes that other people might find this information helpful as well. Class reunions can be casual or dressy, depending on your school, so I'll give you an age appropriate option for both.

Remember that these outfits are just suggestions. Take the outfits that I put together and make sure to add or remove pieces to fit your style. The most important thing to wear to a reunion is confidence! Cheesy...yes...but very true. Be confident and BE YOU!

10 Year Reunion: 

10 year reunion dressy

dress / shoe / necklace / clutch / bracelet

20 Year Reunion:
casual 20 year reunion
jeans / top / shoe / necklace / bracelet / jacket

Dressy 20 year reunion
dress / necklace / earrings / bracelet / shoe / clutch

Depending on your style (and if you are going to a high school or college reunion) these looks can be interchangeable. No matter what, don't go too dressy or too casual. If your event is casual, dress up more than you usually do but definitely wear comfortable jeans! If your event is dressy, don't show up in a formal gown. Throw in some trendy pieces but aim for a more classic outfit that'll show how beautiful you are. You want people to notice you...not what you are wearing. 

What did you wear to your class reunion? Comment and share ideas!

Love, sje

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  1. Thanks Sarah! I definitely have some ideas going on in my head. I had definitely decided on jeans and a nicer top for Friday night and I got these awesome ankle boots on clearance at the end of winter. Thinking thats the way ill go. I'll send you pics when I get it all together.


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