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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY: Curtains

My 2nd sewing project over the weekend: curtains! The door that leads to our back yard has a window on it that people can see straight into, esp, at night. I am that person that closes all my blinds and curtains at night and this one window was really bugging me. So, I found some fun fabric and decided to make my own curtains!

If sewing scares you...this is the project to try first. Super, super easy.



You may have figured out that we really like different shades of yellow and blue :)

Project #2: DIY Curtains

1. Measure your fabric to make sure it is wide & long enough for the windows you are planning to cover. Make sure your fabric is long enough to fold the top over so it can slide onto your curtain rod.

2. Iron out the folds and wrinkles.

 3. Fold the fabric in half and cut the folded side to make two separate pieces.

4. Pin down the sides and bottom of the fabric (about 1/2 inch) then sew a straight line. This creates a clean edge.

5. Fold the front side of the fabric over as wide as needed to fit on your curtain rod. Mine only needed to be 1 inch.

6. Sew the top edge of your fabric to the front. This creates the opening to slide it onto the curtain rod.

7. Wha-la! You are finished and the curtains are ready to be hung.

Questions?? Ask away. If you take on either one of these sewing projects...let me know! 

Love, sje

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