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Sunday, August 17, 2014

SPAtopia Dead Sea Body Scrub

I have extremely dry skin so it is a must that I exfoliate often. The hardest place to keep smooth is the back of my legs. For some reason, the back of my legs have the worst ingrown hairs due to a lack of exfoliating. (You probably didn't think I would get that honest this quickly, did you? I can't help it...you'll soon find out that honesty goes hand-in-hand with any information that I will share with you. You'll get to know my real thoughts, real quickly.) I also have eczema on the back of my arms so I have to use a body scrub to keep the rash and bumps to a minimum. I haven't found a product to get rid of my eczema completely but this comes close. If you know of a product I should use...please share!

I found this body scrub at Marshall's this weekend and quickly fell in love with it. Side note: you should ALWAYS check Marshall's or TJ Maxx for your skin and hair products before going to the department store. I am always shocked at the products they carry that cost dollars cheaper than they do at the department store.

If you are looking for a great body scrub that will exfoliate and smooth your skin...this is it. It smells good and doesn't feel like it is tearing off your skin when you are putting it on. I recommend lathering it on before you shave so that your dead skin falls off and your hair is fully exposed for the razor to cut off. You will love it, I'm sure.

Please share with me the body scrubs that you love the most, esp, those that specialize in eczema.

xo sje

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