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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writing with a heavy heart...

Over the past few months a lot of people from my hometown have passed away. Most I didn't know well or at all. Yesterday, I learned that a friend of mine from high school passed away unexpectedly. His family and close friends have been very heavy on my heart. I wasn't sure if I was going to write about it on this blog but my mind just needed to put some thoughts on "paper."

Life is short. Even if we live to be 100 years old, it still doesn't seem like we had enough time. Why is that? Is it because we are always in a hurry or eagerly anticipating the next stage of life? Is it because we don't allow ourselves to live everyday like it is our last? I don't know.

There are no words to explain the pain someone feels when they have lost someone close to them. For some reason, the pain seems to be worse when it is an unexpected death of a young person. I haven't talked to this person in a long time but am still hurting for his closest friends and family. I know the pain they are feeling. About 2 1/2 years ago, I lost a close friend in a tragic car accident. I blogged about this here and here and here. One year after, I blogged about it again here. To this day, I still have moments where I break down into tears. I don't know if that will ever end. I'm sure I made it clear in all my posts that my faith is the only thing that helps me deal with grief. I cling tight to the Lord and He always pulls me through.

For any of his closest friends and family who might be reading this:

He was so much fun to be around and kind to every person he came in contact with. It has been a reminder to me to be more like that. I've been reminded to live everyday like it is my last and to treasure every moment I have with my family and friends. As I've read messages on his Facebook wall, it is clear how much he was loved and how many great memories he has given us. He made a positive impact on this world and will be greatly missed. You are not alone and you are being prayed for by many, many people. No matter what your beliefs, I encourage you to read through my posts about my friend who passed away a couple years ago. Those posts are raw and explain exactly how I felt during one of the saddest times in my life. I pray that they will be an encouragement to you during one of the saddest times in your life.

Love, sje

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