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Friday, October 24, 2014

NYX Makeup

NYX has quickly become one of my favorite inexpensive makeup brands. Don't get this confused with the NYC brand. It wears like a lot of the expensive products for a much smaller price tag. I still haven't used all of their products but can see myself doing so over time. 

I went to Ulta yesterday and stocked up on a few NYX items and here's my review: 

This is my favorite concealer. It covers dark circles better than any other concealer that I've tried. I use the color "beige" but it comes in many different shades. 

This is the first time I've tried cream blush and I fell in love with it. It applies easily and stays on much longer than a powder blush. I tested a few colors on my hand and they are all very pigmented so you don't have to apply a lot of product. I usually wear pink blush but I wanted to try something different and I chose the color "orange." I love this color! Don't let the bright color scare you. I have found that the brighter the color the better it looks. 

This palette gives you 6 beautiful, natural eye shadow colors. I foresee this palette being my daily go-to eye shadow. There are numerous ways to wear these 6 colors and I am really excited to try them out. 

If you apply an eye shadow base before applying your color, the color will show up better and it will last longer throughout the day. This base is cream and easy to apply. I chose the "white" color because, in my opinion, it gives the best base to show off your color. It also comes in "pearl" if you want a little shimmer and in "skin tone" if you only want the long lasting benefit. 

These lipsticks are fabulous! They are so smooth and truly feel like butter on your lips. I chose to start my collection with the above two colors, "sweet tarte" (pink) and "hunk" (purple). Both colors apply lighter (and more pink) than the packaging appears which was a little disappointing but they are still really beautiful colors that I am excited to wear during a night out. My lips are naturally pretty pink which may be the reason. I think "hunk" is going to become one of my favorite colors. 

Have you tried NYX before? What are your favorite products or colors? 
Love, sje


Did you fall in love with this too? Let me know!