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Monday, December 15, 2014

6 Gifts under $30

If your family is anything like mine, you already have a list of what each family member wants for Christmas so there isn't a lot of guessing to be done. What's tricky is the smaller gifts that you want to give to your neighbors, teachers, group of friends, etc. Here are a few ideas all under $30!

6 gifts under $30

1. Rewined candles are made from re-purposed wine bottles. Try the Wine Under the Christmas Tree scent over the holidays! 

2. Y'all know my love of NYX and these butter gloss sticks are amazing (and inexpensive). Any girl would be happy to receive these colors! 

3. Help save the planet by gifting a Brita water bottle. No one can ever have too many reusable water bottles! 

4. This hand cream from Anthropolgie feels wonderful on your hands. There are multiple scents to choose from. 

5. A corkcicle will chill your wine to the perfect temperature in 15 minutes and will keep it chilled for hours. I have one of these and I love it. Tip: Pour some of the wine into a glass before inserting the corkcicle because it will overflow if you don't (lesson learned the hard way)!

6. These mason jar measuring cups are so fancy. Plus, who doesn't love something shaped like a mason jar! 

Love, sje

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