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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rent the Runway

This past weekend, I fell in love with a website. I fall in love with websites often, yes, but none like Rent the Runway. I realize I am "late to the game" and RTR has been around for a while but this past weekend was my first experience with them and I fell in love. Here's why:

1. The website is clean, clear and easy to use. When shopping online, this helps tremendously.
2. The clothes and accessories are gorgeous. There are so many amazing pieces on the website it is extremely hard to decide which item to rent.
3. They have many different designers that will pair with many different personalities.
4. Prices are incredible. I rented a $400 dress for only $75.
5. Customer service is the best I've ever dealt with in retail. I emailed a few different times (while learning the website) and I would get a response & solution within 5 minutes. The customer service reps that I emailed with were nice and didn't make me feel like I was asking something stupid.
6. They allow you to order your item in two different sizes to make sure you have one that fits.
7. You are able to see reviews & pictures by customers who have already rented the item. This REALLY helps when deciding what size to buy and if the item will look good on your similar type body shape.
8. Returns are free & easy.

If you have an event that you are about to attend and you don't know what you are going to wear...check out RTR before buying a new outfit. So many times, I buy a brand new dress that I love but only wear once or twice a year. With RTR, you'll save money while looking like you spent a ton!

Here's the BCBGMAXAZRIA Dress that I rented for my friend's bachelorette dinner. We didn't dress like a typical bachelorette party; I'm on the left and the bride is in all black :) Here's the link to it on Rent The Runway if you want to rent it!

Have you rented from RTR? If so, let me know what your thoughts are!
Love, sje

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